Automobile spare parts like spark plugs, piston rings, gaskets, lubricants and other additives are frequently faked. Just like medicines, it takes a technical eye to be able to figure out which one is fake or original. Very often, buyers, even experienced mechanics and garage owners, have been deceived into buying fake engine parts or accessories like those listed above.

Big brands and importers in Nigeria have been suffering.

One company in Nigeria that is a dominant player in the local distribution of quality car parts and accessories, KOTEC, in March 2015 approached mPedigree to help it solve this problem for its many patrons. A productive test run led to an all-out implementation of the Goldkeys platform for all its products.

In just over a year, around one million different automobile parts have been protected by KOTEC for it’s Nigerian market, thus entrenching the relevance of this technology in a field such as automobile spares. KOTEC has even gone further to institute reward schemes for its various customers through the use of the authentication system.