Goldkeys comes with a bouquet of services and support packages that include a full serialisation business process system. Since the application of unique IDs (codes and/or serial numbers) to each unit of product is usually the beginning point of deploying supply chain visibility solutions like Goldkeys, we take pride in our matchless skill and pedigree in this area.

Working with Fortune 100 global partners, the Goldkeys product team will source on your behalf specialty security labels conforming to any global serialisation standard you desire, and deploy the end-service on any continent you choose.

The team can also modularise an on-line system for in-line coding at your production plant, thus dispensing with the need for specialty labels, if that is the your preference.

The label application process can be automated, semi-automated, or handled manually based on turnkey modules sourced on your behalf by the Team. We also provide support for 2D – barcode based serialisation initiatives, and can guide you in meeting the regulatory requirements around serialisation in markets such as India, Brazil, Turkey and Argentina.