GoldKeys is the hottest product by mPedigree right now. You may call it our flagship platform. The ‘goldkey’ sign – a transparent key embossed on a golden padlock – is now on tens of millions of products around the world. It is the surest sign to a consumer that the power is in their hands, to instantly validate the pedigree of the product, where it’s been, and whether it really is what it claims to be, and to do so with nothing more complex than a feature mobile phone and a text message. Brand owners know that this is a revolutionary promise to make to consumers, and to keep that promise in every nook and cranny of the globe, they need powerful technology and incredible support. They know what they get with GoldKeys: the world’s most compact, most formidable, and most intuitive platform for securing, probing, and overseeing their supply chain, wherever on Earth it may begin and end. And if a brand is indeed true to its values, GoldKeys will make sure it comes thru. Everytime.


Brand Protection

This full-scale ERP is your gateway to all the functionality you need for your enterprise brand management allowing you to integrate the latest in product serialisation, anti-counterfeiting and brand protection techniques into your current supply chain management process.


Complete Brand
Management Solution

Strike the Right Chords With the Market.
Communicate and broadcast rich marketing and advertising messaging directly to targeted segments of your customer base using powerful and adaptive tools.


The power of Goldkeys
in your hands.

QR Codes are changing how phone users engage. This one-stop solution combines all the tools you need to add datamatrix, 2D barcodes, and other optical coding elements to your brand protection and promotion program. Activate your products for the smartphone environment.


Regulator Compliance

Cut down the cost and burden of regulatory compliance, by enabling this module. Connecting to regulators in your key markets, and satisfying their requirements has never been this smooth and easy.