For All Users

By downloading or using the mPedigree Goldkeys app, or signing up for an account to use the online version available at or, these terms shall automatically apply to our relationship. Please ensure that you have read every detail in this document carefully before you use any of the Goldkeys digital applications you are downloading or signing up for.

The app is offered for your own personal use, or it is offered pursuant to a separate agreement with your organization, and without any direct charges. You should bear in mind nevertheless that you cannot reproduce or transfer your rights to use it to any other person, organization or entity. In particular, you are forbidden from any attempt to modify, replicate, reverse engineer, rebrand or appropriate any feature or element of our apps in anyway. Be aware that every aspect of this app is covered by the relevant local and international copyright and trademark protections, which bar you from attempting to copy and appropriate any of the designs, views, images and mechanics of the applications we have provided you with access.

You are not authorized to attempt to access the source code or to exfiltrate the object code; or to recompile, rebuild, hack, tamper, or reconfigure any of the technological aspects of the apps in any way. You are furthermore prohibited from any attempts to translate any text or information contained within the apps into any other language other than the one in the version offered to you or downloaded by you. You may not make mock or unofficial versions of these apps for any purpose. All the modules and features in the apps, the associated rights embodied in trademarks, patents and/or copyrights, as well as the ancillary and auxiliary systems relied upon by the applications, such as database systems, security systems, optimization systems, and data, continue to remain the exclusive property of mPedigree, regardless of the duration or extent or the investments you may have made in order to be able to use the app.

It is in the best interest of both mPedigree and yourself that we continue to maintain and support this app, and that we make the necessary updates, redesigns, recalibrations and reprogramming as regularly as warranted by security, policy, law, regulation, technology evolution, changes in the commercial environment, ethical compliance updates, strategic reevaluation, business considerations and changes in internal capacity and corporate policy. For operational reasons, it would not be practical to inform you in advance of these changes, even though some of them may impact substantially on the way you use the app. Whilst we do strive to reduce disruptive changes to a minimum, many circumstances warranting substantial changes may well fall outside our control. We ask that you take these matters into account when relying on any of the apps’ features or functionalities for any purpose.

The Goldkeys web and mobile applications are designed to store, process and occasionally utilize personal data to improve on the services delivered to you or your organization in various respects. We cannot however provide any protection of this data outside our servers. It is entirely your responsibility to secure your passwords, login information, access techniques and passcodes, and your devices themselves to reduce the risks of breaches and manipulation. In particular, avoid tampering with the security settings or other core settings of your devices in any fashion not expressly authorized by your device manufacturers. Please be aware that removing manufacturers’ restrictions on your devices or their operating systems may not only void any warranty or post-incident recovery/remedies available to you, such conduct would almost certainly render your devices’ security more open to compromise and vulnerable to a wider range of attacks.

To protect other users of our applications and platforms we may impose additional restrictions and/or severely limit or interfere with your usage of our applications and services if our systems detect potential risks emanating from your devices or networks. We are also enjoined by law, regulation, ethics and policy, to cooperate fully with law enforcement agencies, regulators, courts of law, and similar government bodies in respect of cybersecurity and any other matters

relevant to public safety and law.
The privacy terms and other incidental legal, compliance, regulatory, and policy-related documents are available separately, and can be delivered on request if you are unable to find them on the relevant websites.

You should be aware that there are certain guarantees that are beyond mPedigree’s power to provide. We cannot guarantee for instance that any feature relying on the internet or telecom network in any way would function optimally in conditions of slow, patchy or unstable internet. Since we are also not responsible for your internet provider’s policies, we cannot guarantee sound performance where internet services are optimal but your account with your provider has been compromised in anyway, or in situations where any network restrictions are in place, or where you do not have sufficient data balance or credit.

We strongly advise you to comply with all the policies and guidelines stated in your contract with your internet service providers and mobile network operators. Please note that nothing we do on our side has any bearing on the charges, bundle policies, data use policies, special tariffs etc. that your network operators and connectivity providers may choose to implement.
The bandwidth consumed in accessing various features of the apps cannot be predicted in advance, and due to the multiplicity of factors involved, we cannot accept responsibility for any surges in bandwidth usage that you may detect or experience during your use of the app. It is best that you ensure that you are fully apprised of all the tariff and billing policies of your network operators and connectivity providers when using any of the Goldkeys applications. We expect that all devices you use in accessing any of the Goldkeys applications are those to which you have authorized access. If the devices on which our applications are being accessed are for collective or organizational use are controlled by another person or group, or if you are subject to supervision of an administrator, guardian or other person, who has administrative responsibility for managing the relationship with the network providers and/or mobile operators providing the bandwidth for your usage of any of the apps, then your consent to this agreement must

also imply confirmation that you have the authorization of this individual or group of individuals to access the apps on the devices in question.

In the same vein, mPedigree cannot assume any responsibility for how you choose to use the app. It is possible that in the routine course of delivering customer service or support to you, some of our staff members may need access to your account or device in an intermittent or, occasionally, prolonged fashion. It is our goal to ensure that in such circumstances any residual impact on your experience of the service should be minimal. However, except in cases of documented and willful malice or recklessness, we cannot assume any responsibility for any impact that such support activities may ultimately have on your device, your experience of the applications, or your data. We are, in particular, fully absolved of the consequences of any incident caused by your electricity utility provider or your inability to properly or fully charge your devices or secure it with the necessary anti-virus and anti-malware protections.

We cannot accept responsibility for the functioning of any part of your devices or their operating systems when you use our applications. You are fully responsible for ensuring that all software, operating systems, auxiliary devices, such as sensors, scanners, microphones, GPS, cameras and the like, are working in optimal condition when using features of our applications that rely on these auxiliaries and ancillary systems for optimal performance, such as when performing product authentication, track and trace, or location-related activities.
A popular use of our application falls within the following general categories: the product authentication, certification verification, procedure control, anti-counterfeiting, anti-forgery, anti-evasion, anti-smuggling, business intelligence, market intelligence processing, supply chain and market insight gathering, and predictive forecasting and data analytics. It is important to realise that these domains are impacted by a very large number of factors. No determination made using our app can be relied upon for any decision without taking further steps on your own or on behalf of your organization to validate the responses given by the applications taking all other relevant factors into account.

We must particularly make clear that in every country, the determination of these matters, especially in respect of such sensitive issues as product authenticity; certification status; compliance with excise, preventive and customs regulations; document validity; process validity; standards conformance; counterfeiting; trademark and patent infringements; and legal and regulatory compliance, are usually the province of specialized agencies and courts of law, who alone have the authority to pronounce one way or another. Any opinion, information, response or intelligence produced by any of our applications in respect of any such matters would therefore be purely advisory in nature and meant to be used in an assistive function. mPedigree cannot under any circumstances be held responsible for any consequences or outcomes deriving from your decision, which you make in your sole discretion, or on behalf of your organization, to rely in part or in whole on any advisory, information, response, or intelligence generated or produced by any of our Goldkeys applications. You and/or your organization are solely responsible for taking the necessary steps to validate the utility and relevance of any such information or responses to the actions and decisions you make.

Some of the information and responses generated by our applications as a result of inputs you make are based on information collected from one or more third parties. We categorically deny responsibility for the accuracy, soundness, and authority of any such information or data. Your use of the resultant data or information supplied to you because of our ability to harness third party information and resources is entirely your decision, which you make at your sole discretion, or as authorized by your organization. We do not make any representation regarding any implicit or explicit warranties.

The data or information we supply is not meant to replace the data or information provided by the competent authorities in any country or jurisdiction you or your organization may reside. Your use of these applications is strictly dependent on your understanding and consent that mPedigree cannot accept any liability at all

for any loss, direct or indirect, you or your organization may suffer, experience, or be impacted by as a result of relying partly or wholly on these functions, data and information provided by our Goldkeys applications. By continuing to use these applications, you are affirming your consent to completely indemnify mPedigree in the event that your use of the data, information or functions provided by the applications adversely or materially impact any third party and as a consequence any claims for loss or damages are brought by such third parties.

We have already explained why regular updates may be necessary to the optimal maintenance and support of the applications for their optimal use. We cannot however guarantee that resources and/or capacity would enable us to initiate and/or complete all the updates required for a full and complete experience of all the features of the app at all times. However, when we do make updates available, you are required to immediately accept and use them, and it is your duty and responsibility to ensure that at all times you have the latest updates relevant to the Goldkeys applications you are using. We shall not be responsible, and you have consented by your use of these applications that you shall indemnify us, for any loss or damage to yourself, organization or third party that results or arises as a consequence of your refusal or inability to accept all new updates made to the applications.

Since mPedigree is a going concern, there may come a time when we can no longer continue maintaining or supporting these Goldkeys applications. Circumstances may also arise where we deem our relationship to no longer be in our mutual best interest. If any of this were to happen, we would stop providing you with the services, functions, data and information related to the applications. Circumstances may be such that we cannot give you any notice when we terminate your use of the app or discontinue maintenance or support. Upon termination or our discontinuance of maintenance and support for the applications, all rights, considerations, and courtesies that granted you access to our applications or some of them would cease thenceforth, and you must then

proceed to uninstall and remove any native apps supplied by us to you or downloaded by you from our site, the various app stores, or acquired from another legitimate means, from your devices. You must also remove any cookies or other browser-cached content related to our applications from your devices and discontinue logging into any of our web platforms.

If these terms and conditions are acceptable to you, then you may commence using our Goldkeys applications.