GoldKeys: shut out fakes; Unlock the real markets

GoldKeys is the hottest product by mPedigree Network right now. You may call it our "flagship platform". The 'goldkey' sign - a transparent key embossed on a golden padlock - is now on tens of millions of products around the world. It is the surest sign to a consumer that the power is in their hands, to instantly validate the pedigree of the product, where it's been, and whether it really is what it claims to be, and to do so with nothing more complex than a feature mobile phone and a text message. Brand owners know that this is a revolutionary promise to make to consumers, and to keep that promise in every nook and cranny of the globe, they need powerful technology and incredible support. They know what they get with GoldKeys: the world's most compact, most formidable, and most intuitive platform for securing, probing, and overseeing their supply chain, wherever on Earth it may begin and end. And if a brand is indeed true to its values, GoldKeys will make sure it comes thru. Everytime.

Discover GoldKeys

Acodion Pharmacy

Goldkeys' e-Prescriptions module

How it Works

mPedigree GoldKeys protects you from fake products by empowering you to check the authenticity of products in three easy steps.


Look out for scratch-off panel on the product pack. Gently rub-off the scratch layer. A PIN code will be revealed.


SMS the PIN code to the shortcode (four-digit phone number) or enter it into the searchbox on this site - www.1393.Co


Wait for a response either confirming or denying the validity of the product or its sales/supply history. Simple.

*NOTE: Shortcode: Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda, Zambia, Tanzania, Sierra Leone (1393). Other Countries (Check Pack).

Your Brand is the high-point of your business. You should never share control of your brand with fraudsters, fakers and counterfeiters. Take full charge of your supply chain today, and reach out to customers in confidence about your precious brand.


Product-level Packaging technologies & Consulting

Hook up to our broad-spectrum security printing and serialisation services)


Web-accessible Enterprise Resource Platform

Set-up a multi-dashboard management system to organise the relevant factories, warehouses and distribution points to control the end-to-end supply chain.


Mobile Apps and SMS/messaging tools

bring consumers -the end customers in the product chain - into the center of the quality assurance process by giving them power to validate that the product is for real.

Government Agencies, Regulators, & Researchers can now strengthen their mandate by protecting all consumers in the markets they regulate through constant and dynamic vigilance. Through mPedigree's Goldkeys technologies, such as Ovasight, the public interest can be defended vigorously through enhanced clearance and surveillance.


Register all legitimate companies making, distributing or selling regulated products, such as medicines, cosmetics and electricals, in your country on the Ovasight platform.


Initiate full surveillance over high-risk segments of regulated product supply chains in your country.


Start implementing real-time clearance for high risk products as they enter through the ports, enter the general trade, and make their way to the retail level. If a product doesn't check out, it shouldn't be checked in.

Why GoldKeys?

You can trust us to connect your customers to your values; however remote they are using our state-of-the art validation system.


Using the latest in cloud technologies mean that your authentication system is online all day all the time. The 99% average uptime bolsters your customers' confidence in the product validation process

Rapid Setup

Our systems are easy to set up. All you need to do is to sign up with our form online and you are ready to roll out with us.

Real Support

We want you to be able to run your business without headaches; therefore we have designed powerful but simple interfaces at every point of use...

We Care

We stay unique and constantly evolve our technology so you and buyers of your products only get the best services

Goldkeys Acodion

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