Goldkeys is definitely the most powerful combined supply chain and customer outreach platform in the world today focused primarily on fast-growing emerging markets.

We don’t mince any words when we say that no other integrated system for coordinated oversight of the supply chain matches the performance and innovation of Goldkeys. That may sound immodest but the truth is that until we came around in 2007, no other system made customer feedback and ‘call in’ the central theme of supply chain visibility. Virtually all supply chain systems drew a halt at the retail point. Most didn’t even get past the distribution warehouse. But from the very start, Goldkeys was designed to reach down and connect with your precious customers regardless how remote in the supply chain they were.

This means that you can run a full-scale global and digital complement to your brand protection program from a central workstation at a fraction of the cost of any alternative strategy. It means that for the first time in commercial history you can communicate targeted messaging to every single customer you will ever have in real-time at the lowest cost imaginable. It means that you can cast a market intelligence net widely across your markets on multiple continents and get ahead of the competition in figuring out the latest trends in consumer behaviour with an infrastructure leaner than the coffee-making machine.

And while others have been playing copy-cat and catch-up we have been innovating.
Because of this unique heritage, we promise the best cost-to-value ratio in the world.

  • We promise the widest geographical footprint in this space.
  • We promise the deepest and broadest partnerships.
  • We promise to serve you with impregnable values, extraordinary skill, and matchless experience and depth of vision.